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Possible new home for the blog
oneurope wrote in oneurope_live

Tell us what you think?!

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Shiny! I approve!

I use it for my blogs, and it's much easier and more reflexive than creaky old LJ!

I think it's a shame for LJ in a way as they are being ruthlessly targeted I understand with DDoS attacks which may have been orchestrated by a certain government's cyberwarriors to silence an anti-corruption blogger - if so, rather making his point for him.

Anyway, Blogspot looks nice. The trouble with Roy's lovely blog is you can't leave any comments without having some identity or other that I just don't have. So if you can set yours up that we can still just drop in and say something that would be good.

The key thing is- can you do still do *cover it live* because the NFs wouldn't be the same without the OnEurope International commentary?

And thanks too, obviously.

I like it, it looks very good :)

God, Roy, I can't find a simple definition of 'reflexive'. So what do you mean?

Great post. Can’t wait to read the next ones :)

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