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OnEurope_Live...Rhine, Ruhr and right here!

Enjoy your stay!

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eeerm - dunno what to say really
oneurope wrote in oneurope_live
Preliminary reader figures are in. First week of Eurovision rehearsals - 68.9% of last years readers. Middle Week -73.5%, ESC Week - 91.3%. Stunned!!

I really dunno how to thank you all for keeping the faith in this one man band, supplimented by a team of others for 2 weeks a year, apart from not giving the site up ( which had crossed my mind) - Your support, both in coming back, and commenting (when it lets you) has been legendary and I feel really proud to serve a niche market such as you lot.

The blog will probably be migrating to Blogger or another stable platform in the next few weeks, but I will make sure that you all know about it in advance, and I will promise to TRY and keep it updated ( along with the site) now that my head and heart are back into it. I shall also try and tweet more ( oneurope_esc on Twitter).

Thank you thank you thank you!

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Why move? What advantages does another site offer?

LiveJournal's pretty much been a nightmare for us this year, reports from all corners of posts and comments not becoming generally visible for minutes or hours after they were posted. Can't live with that when what you're posting is time-sensitive! So it's more a "move away" rather than a "move to".


Thanks again for the lovely year.

I know it was bit of nightmare and I am glad that you haven't given up.Hopefully the support you have receive will give you the extra energy to keep up the site and blog.

Azerbaijan is problem.Not only getting there.The luck of suitable accommodation, will make this year looks like a minor problem. I haven't got a clue if they have a suitable venue for this contest in Baku, but they can always built one if needed. There are also issue of security, It seems that security in Baku will need to be tighten up(Mainly Israel has concerns about this, but it should be in anyone's mind).As someone already has said-3 hours difference will not make it easier for anyone.

Your choice for a new home for the blog should be one that is user friendly at both ends of blog. You as the administrator and me(or us) as the one who comments.I know that world press has a very friendly user platform(and not so busy for the eyes) and you should try that platform also. Try as many platforms until you find one that suit you and the purpose of this site. What ever you choose, I promise to keep reading and posting comments.

I think the result of the semi's this year deserve a separate analyse.There are some surprises there that will be interesting to look at.

One last thing:not on Twitter or Facebook(a matter of personal choice). And if you make changes, just make sure you direct me to the right place and I will find this site from there.

In the mean times, thanks again.

As Arnold has already said: "I'll be back". I should add that I hope to find this site when I do.


Thank you

Thanks guys. The blog was just as good as ever. Assuming that it IS Bacu, I'm not sure that you would actually have to go in order to run the blog. And you never know, the TV company there might be willing to help financially. Don't forget that they spent a small fortune flying journalists over to their first national final. They clearly have deep pockets.

Thanks once again

Andy B

in response

This is the only site i really love to read, it makes me laugh out loud. I read the others yes... but I often think what a load of tosh and up their own arses way they carry on!

I like you keep it real and how it is!!!


and keep up the good work! I rely on ya!!

Thank you

Great site, thanks for all the insights and the laughs. Hope to see you back next year. Cheers - Mike

Hey fellas.

We were talking about you at that little piece of Eurovisonia that is forever Christchurch, NZ. Our city may be in a bit of a mess with a soupcon of earth-movements but the annual Sherbourne Road Eurovision Spectacular took place regardless.

You lot have kept us informed and full of useless, sorry useful things to drop into the conversation when your jam jar (sorry all the crystal got smashed in last months aftershock) clinks someone elses over the punch bucket (the bowl is under the east wall that collapsed on my new Ferrari).

The word was that coz of you lot we on the wrong side of the planet had more fun, felt more involved and had more of a giggle (although it was wrong to laugh at the question to Katy, "why the long face").

I will be back here next year and trust you will have upped your bribe and got accreditation next year. If not I shall still be here.

John of Brixton (now of Aoteroa)

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