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So what did we learn then....
oneurope wrote in oneurope_live

Well... almost nothing....

We learnt that the diaspora effect is getting less and less, though more prevalent this year because Europe didn't have a fecking clue where to put the votes anyway!

We learnt that if you are to be classically trained and enter Eurovision, a Classically trained POSTMAN is not what is required. ( France)

We learnt that energy and bounce still has a place

We learnt that the UK CAN do reasonably well at this thing with the right song and performance - 50% aint bad, but not good enough

We learnt that 20/25 countries can get a top mark, thereby the old days seem to be back with the scattergun.

We learnt that the voting algorithm is very fucking brilliant. mmmm More Please!!

We learnt that Baku is a 6 hr flight away from London and about 8 days from Keflavik!

We learnt that the UK remembered that they loved watching the Eurovision ( 9,5 MILLION viewers!), as do Austrians ( 65% share)

We learnt that we know fuck all about this contest - and thats why we love it!!

More please when I get home in about 7 hours time , from a hotel room in Cologne -Tara ;)


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