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OnEurope_Live...Rhine, Ruhr and right here!

Enjoy your stay!

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Hell no! with a side order of HELL NO.
Thunderbird 5
nick_at_esc wrote in oneurope_live
Bloody McHell. I've just been browsing expedia and opodo for purely hypothetical purposes, and just GETTING to and from Baku from the UK of Stuff is hell on a plate. We're talking £500 return cheapest flight, with the most efficient way of doing it appearing to be a two leg flight for a combined 6-and-a-half hours with either a mad dash around Istanbul Airport or an overnight stay in Istanbul. It'd mean leaving the contest in late May and finally getting home in time for the Olympics.

Specifically, the Rio Olympics.

Ouch! Ow ow ow. Someone go tell RAI that they've got to take on hosting duties before their Head of Delegation stops hyperventilating from last night's narrow escape! :-)

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airbaltic will be cheaper (with short stop in Riga).

I was wondering... if Germans arranged big buses for all the participants maybe Azerbaijan will get a plane for each of the country so you guys could squeeze in.

I strongly recommend to buy lonely planet or other travelling guidebook before going. It's completely utterly different from Oslo or even Rome - my opinion after reading couple of travelling blogs yesterday night about Baku.

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