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I *knew* that would happen.
Thunderbird 5
nick_at_esc wrote in oneurope_live
I've been saying for a while now that something would come out of the pack, and we'd all look back at it with 20/20 hindsight and say "Well, that was bloody obvious, wasn't it?" and wonder why the heck we didn't see it coming. And, sure enough... Azerbaijan comes out of the pack and wins it as the only one of the well-regarded entries with a decent slot in the draw.

Well, that was bloody obvious, wasn't it! So why the heck didn't I see it coming? :-)

Lots and lots of thinking to be done before 2012 comes around by lots and lots of people about lots and lots of things - not least us at OnEurope, as the gut reaction is that a fortnight in Baku might well be beyond our respective budgets. We shall see, there is much water to be passed before we need to make any firm decisions!

We leave Eurovisionia 2011 on a specially chartered fleet of Germanwings aeroplanes tomorrow evening, so we may actually have a bit of time to do some gossiping tomorrow morning before we head off. Or not, as the case may be...

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First of all, thanks again for another great Eurovision fortnight. As always, it's been a great pleasure reading your comments.

After last night's final, I once again realised that reading all those rehearsal reports and predictions is basically a waste of time. I mean, I've been hearing nothing but praise from websites like yours about France and that it would lap up the competition, but obviously they didn't (and after watching the song for the first time last night, I can understand why it didn't). So one could argue that it's no use following sites like yours, as you don't know how to predict the outcome of the contest.

But of course, that's what makes Eurovision so much fun to watch these days. It's good to see you getting it wrong (a bit). That means Eurovision remains basically unpredictable, and that means Eurovision remains a must-see for years to come.

Now, about Azerbaijan winning...

* Fun to see a country winning that was named by Amnesty International as one of Europe's "least free" countries in Europe on Friday.
* If the EBU sticks to the starting time of 21:00 CET, the contest in Baku will start at midnight and finish at 3:30am (Baku time). That'll be fun.
* Will Armenia (Azerbaijan's arch enemy) enter next year? I doubt it.
* Why was the Azeri singer constantly waving the Turkish flag?
* Is Azerbaijan the first winning country hardly anyone in Europe knows where it is? And how to spell it?

Why was the Azeri singer constantly waving the Turkish flag?

Azeris are Turkic people, like the Turks in Turkey. Both countries were founded by neighbouring Turcoman clans of Oghuz Line, but they had their own sultanades. Azeris adopted Shiite Islam as opposed to Turkey Turks' Sunni Islam due to competition in between over the course of history, hence the separation of the states dating back to early AD1000s. Their language, Azeri, and Turkey Turkish are mutually intelligible, and although there are separate individual sovereignity instincts on both sides at a governmental organization level, there is usually a sympathy and soft heart for one another at public level. "One nation with two states" is a common phrase pronounced quite often by both statespeople and the members of the ordinary public. Particularly in Turkey, we do not see Azeris as a separate nation than us, but this idea is not so welcome on Azeri side, for they are outnumbered by a big margin, and they fear a larger Turkey Turkish language and culture might -and probably would- do away with the unique beauties of their particular line of culture has developed over the centuries, which we can only respect. So it is usually them whom pull themselves back and identify themselves as "Azeri" rather than a "Turk", but for us Turks in Turkey, they are "Turks" as well. Azeri and Turk are the same stuff.

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