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So, what have I learnt today
oneurope wrote in oneurope_live
Well I have learnt that living in Cologne on the final day of a football season is a NIGHTMARE!!!

I have learnt tht the jury performance of Blue's song was bloody brilliant and that I couldnt spot any of the disasters that other people did, and I looked at it with fresh eyes. Haterz of the world unite, I say. It's amazing that the standard people expect of a live performance is the same as a recorded one. Here's a clue, it wont be. The Juries were directed to vote for a Professional, Original and good looking performance with a well written song. Now unless other bloggers have been looking at a totally different feed to the one leaked all over youtube in the last 9 hours, I couldnt see any of the supposed issues. Tuning sounded OK for a live performance ( bearing in mind that there is no vodec voice coder or Autotune to help them) Blue looked OK in the suits and the whole stage performance and camera shots worked wonders. I did an " is it better than......" list before writing this, and I got the song in 4th place....... Certainly not, as some people are quoting, 16th-20th and it certainly isnt a total car crash.

I have learnt that people stick with OnEurope because we're great, and so are you ( Thank you all) - and that my 23 minutes of radio on Phoenix FM Last evening should only have been 5-10 but becase *I* was great, it ended up being 23!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for cheering me up and making OnEurope continue into 2012. I can't believe the amount of goodwill that is out there from people who I thought hated us, and those that didnt. Your support has been AMAZING!!

Thanks ;)


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