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Final dress rehearsal Part III
riigimetnik wrote in oneurope_live

We're getting there, folks.

Romania - A resistance favourite.  He's a cheeky little Geordie is David Bryan - the No1 karaoke singer in Romania.  Someone mentioned that Hotel FM reminded him of Top Gear.  James May on piano anyone?

Austria - Nadine briefly showed up at the after show party last night, to much much applause.  A more popular finalist is harder to find.  She was faultless again, and got the bggest cheer of the afternoon.  Vienna 2012 is a distinct possibility.

Azerbaijan - Ictimai are desperate to win the thing.  Can they this year?  I think Austria's song is a far superior ballad, sung by a far more competent singer.  It ain't a winner.

Slovenia - Maja knocked Dana out of the water last night, and I suspect she now has Nikki in her sights.  She's bound to win.

We now go back to the Groon Reem - actually some football terraces behind the stage.  You know the drill, wote wote wote, and buy the CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disc.

Iceland - Back to sheer unadulterated pleasantness, but the nicest guys in town.  It would be a fairytale if they won and it isn't beyond the realms.

Spain - Our final Big 5 member (or in French, le Big Five) comes on after a little pregnant pause.  Make that a long pregnant pause.  The poor girl has been waiting since 1066 it seems to get up on stage and sing in a nice sparkly pink dress (Daria Kinzer take note).  It's all very summer but I still don't get it.

Ukraine - I used to love Take Hart, and this brings back so many memories.  It's only this time I've realised what Mika's wearing.  On balance this did probably deserve to make the final.  She's a great singer.  And I never forget to share my heart.

Serbia - The resistance likes Nina.  Still looking very good.  Not sure about the sound as some sort of alarm is going off.  Apparently some little scamp had been smoking in the toilets.

Georgia - Finally, some little children in the postcard introduce Eldrine.  Another resistance favourite, not least because of the prospect of a seaside contest in Batumi.  A different way to end the contest.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading.  The resistance is off to infiltrate a boat tonight, maybe with a tale or two to tell tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening.

R x


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