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Final dress rehearsal Part II
riigimetnik wrote in oneurope_live
Moving on to...

Estonia - 1, 2, 7, 3 (or 1, 10, 111, 11 to our fans of binary out there) still makes me chuckle.  I'm not sure about her outfit -  a little TOO cerise.  But she does a little trick with a handkerchief which is bound to be worth a whole bunch of points.

Greece - Many people are knocking this.  But I just don't get why.  It's different.  Loucas is a darn good singer.  The rap may be a tad questionable, but I think it emphasises how good the ethnic bit is.  It's a very effective stage show.

Russia - There's a fine line between arrogance and self confidence, and the artist formerly known as Alex Sparrow is on the cusp.  He does put this across well and it  will do well.  But I can't help thinking that Russia are just trying TOO hard, and the rest of Europe may rumble them.

France - Our first direct qualifier for the final is the highly-fancied Amaury Vassili.  For someone of his age, he has a great voice.  The backdrop of clouds works.  The resistance has money on it.  But there's something missing.  Maybe the money is lost.  :-(

Italy - Direct qualifier number two thinks jazz is the key.  I'm just not sure.  Some may think it's an interval act come early.  But if there's a collection of jazz fans out there, they may like it.

We now have our first break, live from the Groon Reem.  They interview Dino Merlin.  And Our Friend in London.  Then onto...

Switzerland - This is really pleasant but is cursed by the preceding ad break.  I think we're all just really glad they made it.

UK - Hmmm.  It's just a little bit, and I mean just a little bit, off.  There are bits on the screens behind them that the TV cameras miss.  We know they can (did you see what i did there), but whether they will is another matter.

Moldova - After the UK, there's a chance each may cancel the other out.  We always love a good unicycle on stage.  And large pointy hats.  All we need is a dulcimer and this would be the complete Eurovision song.

Germany - This is just so odd.  I don't know how Lena will do.  Some buff tells me that if she finishes 3rd bottom or higher, she'll have achieved the best ever finish by a defending champion.

More soon...


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