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First Final rehearsal Live blog
oneurope wrote in oneurope_live
well it will be if they started on time!! grrr ;)

Well they started 32 minutes late at 15.02 local time.. As soon as the songs are heard I shall give opinions!

Finland - Decent start but Parasite Oskar seemed a little off key from the audio feed. Will probably look better than it sounds, but a good solid opener.

Bosnia - this provides a complete contrast to the Finns in a "hmmm" way - think this will knock the shine off the opener and Europe will go "wel this is a good opener" - Bad news for Finns, good news for Bosnia

Denmank - Another contrast song, but this one should send Europe back to sleep. The draw has killed any lingering chance that this song had of doing anything to be honest. Sung well, mind.

Lithuania - Again another total contrast to the one that has gone before it - but a certain candidate for "accidental" last place. She can sing the song, but its too early in the draw and not strong enough to do anything

Hungary - Shergar strikes again!! - She finally sounds as though she has remembered how to sing her own song, and is not falling off the notes like she did in the first semi final rehearsals. This should do OK if she sings this well another 2 times - Plate of chips for Table Ireland?

Ireland - they sound too low in the mix ike they did last night with the backing shouters doing lots of their work. Top 10 probably but Hungary and the next one piss on its chips.

Sweden - About to unload another stream onto the Irish chips? - Despite the failings of this song, it certainly shows the twins for what they are - amateurs. Saade is certainly professional and should do a number on the Irish. However, will the glass do a number on him?!

Estonia - Sounds lots better than it did last night - they have clearly either been told to STOP SCREAMING or the mics have been turned down. Back into a contender again me thinks.

Greece - are probably shooting into the Top 10 now with this one - not getting a Sakis result, but they are going to be respectible, principally because of what didn't go through last night.

Russia - Clearly a good shot at the Top 10 and maybe the Top 5 with this song. His tuning is lots better than on Tuesday, but that is probably down to the sound crew getting it right. The song is still weak in places for it to be a decent song with a decent shout, but hell, it'll do alright on its merits.

France - It is what it is - a jury sponge. It's slight concern is that Russia is uptempo and this clearly isnt. The change of pace between the two songs is marked in the extreme in this draw position and he hasnt hit all the notes in his runthrough ( especially the high ones, though he is clearly holding back). It ends badly with just a falling off and doesnt have a hook. I dont think this is a one horse race any more.

Italy - Bring on the Chickens!! - thats all!

Switzerland - OH HELL YES - I so love this song, nearly as much as Austria and Slovenia so I am pre-disposed to smile. It just has a vibe about it that makes me sway and possibly get the televoters picking up the phone again. Shot at a Top 10 mehtinks.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Her Realms, Terriroties and Dependancies - Thats all the notes hit in the first part of the song then. Worry number one over with then. Lee is holding back as well ( wise move sir) - but its sounding really good, balances seem to be better than earlier on in the week and it looks like ( god willing) it's coming together at the right time. This has top 5 written all over it.

Moldova - It is what it is .

Germany - I fear that this is going to be lost due to crowd noise, unless ARD block it out like they did for the 2 semi finals. I do think, however, that her voice is too weird for this song and she seems very very sharp, mind you in this song, does it really matter. Not a chance of getting the title though, Top 10 definitely.

Romania - another performance that doesnt sound vocally spot on but then again, you only need to do 2 good performances.

Austria - Bloody Brilliant! - how to silence 18000 Germans, open your mouth, just like she did last night - and on Saturday it'll be 30000!

Azerbaijan - She now has caught the bad note disease going around the contest as she is falling off a cliff with her notes in this one!! - There is talk of this winning - you are having a laugh!

Slovenia - Technical problems at our end - but still brilliant. 4/1 for a top 10 finish - I'd have a nibble.

Iceland - Same old Same old to be honest - is it me or does the contest get longer and longer every year!

Spain - Another lovely change of pace but it sounds like Portugal 1998 in places for me. Nothing wrong with it - but another contender for accidental last!

Ukraine - Vocally good - but this is a song that is not about vocals, its about magic sand!!

Serbia - Right song at the right time. Despite the delegation telling them not to win, I think a top 10 i s not out of the question. Looks good and sounds great today! - Untill the Fire alarm

Georgia - again, it is what it is!

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Very entertaining to read this after the results are in!

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