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The full draw and a whinge.
Thunderbird 5
nick_at_esc wrote in oneurope_live
 1 Finland        13 Switzerland
 2 Bosnia-H       14 United Kingdom
 3 Denmark        15 Moldova
 4 Lithuania      16 Germany
 5 Hungary        17 Romania
 6 Ireland        18 Austria
 7 Sweden         19 Azerbaijan
 8 Estonia        20 Slovenia
 9 Greece         21 Iceland
10 Russia         22 Spain        
11 France         23 Ukraine
12 Italy          24 Serbia
                  25 Georgia

Not too upset about 8/10 on predictions, nor even with Phil blatantly INDEPENDENTLY copying my list. ;-) Genuinely disappointed to see Cyprus miss out, I really think they did the utmost that they could and ended up with a performance to treasure. I'm also not terribly happy that Sweden and Estonia both qualified, as I really don't think they merited it on performance. On song perhaps, but on performances: nope.

Have to say, looking at this draw, it looks like as good an opening trio as we've had for years, it seems absolutely set up for France to finish the job, but there are a heck of a lot of curve balls in that final 10 and when you listen in sequence from Germany onwards, you can't quite rule out any of them.

I still think it's the weakest contest for a good few years, but it could turn out to be the most exciting. More tomorrow when I've slept!

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I am not Cypriot, as you know, but I very much agree with your comment about Cyprus. I think it was just too Hellenic for the general population.

> "On song perhaps, but on performances: nope."

Aah, but it is the Eurovision SONG Content, not Performance Contest!

Were you in the arena? From the rehearsal reviews, I was expecting a car crash for Sweden and Estonia, but on the TV, both performances sounded fine. Not great; but good enough to promote the song in each case.

I'm expecting Sweden to do really rather well; despite the venom directed at Eric Saade by many people, particularly on the Yahoo Group; it is the song (other than Jedward, for local reasons) that non-fans are noticing. My wife said it was "very good" when watching with me last night, and it is my 5 year old daughter's favourite, and there's bound to be loads of teenage (and older) girls voting for him regardless of what he sang!

Darren, Berkshire, UK

By the way, is anyone else having difficulty refreshing this blog (and AKOE's) and getting the latest postings and comments to show up?

Last night I posted a prediction below Phil's (the third comment on that thread). An hour or so later I came back to the thread and my comment wasn't there, nor were there any other new ones, so I assumed I had made a mistake. I posted my (revised) prediction and when I did, my old one showed up. But when I refreshed the blog home page, it still showed 2 comments for the thread, when there were at least 5 at that point. It was some hours later before it seemed to update to 9 comments. In the meantime I tried shift+Refresh, deleting cached data, even using a different browser (Chrome instead of IE).

The same thing has happened this morning - when I refresh the blog home page, it shows there are no comments on this thread, yet there are actually already two.

I know there's nothing you can do (short of resiting your blog, but you're obviously not going to do that now) but I wondered if it was only me experiencing this?

Darren, Berkshire, UK

You're not alone

I've been experiencing that too.

Another Nick

If it's any comfort, we've even been experiencing it ourselves quite a bit, especially Phil - several times one of us has been able to see our own post some minutes before the other one could on another computer.

I know that LiveJournal has been having all sorts of performance issues for a few months now, and it may well be that when the dust settles the OnEurope blog gets moved to a new blogging platform which looks and behaves a bit less like it's 2001. :-)

Yep, experienced the same problem.

When I heard the Cypriot song I fell in love with the first part of it. It was dark and moody and strong. The minute the wailing woman started it went downhill for me but I still thought a decent performance might get it through.

Instead though it had terrible staging. Between them tilting back and forward and her twirling a device like a shot putt I would say most people were laughing watching it. I know I found it horribly distracting. The song got completely lost which is a pity.

They have nobody to blame but themselves. I think if they had gone a simple route with the performance it would have been far better for them.



Before the contest Cyprus was one of my faves, though I thought it was a no hoper.

Then I saw him in Amsterdam where he was alone but brilliant. Then I read all your reviews and started to believe.

However *nobody* warned us about the ludicrous leaning boots. I was too busy rolling around laughing to take the act seriously.

They looked more ridiculous than Rakintzis, plus Christos sounded weak.

Estonia seemed to give up performing it at one stage. I was giving them 9/10 at the intro which was down to 6/10 by the end. However they obviously did just enough in the first 2 minutes.

For me Dana International gave one of the best 4 performances of the night and was robbed. I say that as someone who hated her song and wished it ill. I'm certain she would have qualified on televote alone.

I agree

Nice to find somebody else who believes that this was the weakest contest in years. I don't get all of the "this is so much better than last year" groupthink. No matter how I look at this year's songs (country by country compared to past years, winner, top three) they just don't measure up, and most will quickly fade from memory.

There was a bit of excitement due to the scrambled voting (funny how Azerbaijan became the favorite as soon as the voting order was announced, though).

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