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Winners and losers
riigimetnik wrote in oneurope_live
So there you have it.  Twenty-five lucky finalists for the 56th Eurovision Grand Prix.  To be honest, I didn't think there were any surprises tonight.  The resistance got eight out of 10, missing Ukraine and Sweden in place of Cyprus and Belarus.  A few countries tonight were a little off key. 

But it's shaping up to be a very interesting Saturday night.  As I write this, my beloved Eesti has got drawn 8th - not a bad draw but at least we aren't second.  Romania is drawn 17th.

I'll sleep on this and probably have some more thoughts for you tomorrow - why certain countries didn't qualify and why some did.

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i got 7...didnt expect Ukraine Denmark or Romania...(Romania? seriously??)
After the live performance of cyprus i kind of get why they didnt pass. the crazy ball girl was a bit much on the crazy site and the director kept showing the dancer so that the guys had time to do the boots thing.
I thought it was worth passing. Song and performance sounded great in the rehearsals..and so did dear Bulgaria..
I guess Cyprus dosent have any good neighbors especially in this semi..but the juries didnt do it justice either..

Romania?? the sex tape guy?? seriously???
and the sand woman? the song was awful. Only thing worth it was the sand girl. press mute and watch..and that aint ESC

too sad for Cyprus :( i dont think we will see a final ever again.
Greece can sent any shit they like and still pass..and this year they have an awful song that the right wing politic dudes all really like..

hope dear Estonia wins..or maybe Ireland...even Finland!!!
but God dont let it be France! :S

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