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34 becomes 25
riigimetnik wrote in oneurope_live
in just a few hours, another nine countries will be looking at an early bath.  The vibe here in the quietly simmering press centre is any of the 19 could qualify.  Yes, anyone.  Even plucky little Belgium.  Even l'ex République Yougoslave de Macedoinne.  Even Israel.  Even Belarus, who we all love.  I've already made my predictions, based on the first rehearsal yesterday.  I'm sticking by what I said there, and eagerly await being proven wrong on at least four counts.

If you are one of our readers from the Bluenited Kingdom or Ireland, you may know that the fan club had a little soirée last night at an Irish pub in the old town.  Much beer was available at competitive prices, there was complimentary nachos, chicken wings and garlic bread, and we had a visitation.  The sainted Blue appeared briefly to tell us they're so impressed with the support they've had, and will try their best on Saturday night.  You can't help thinking there's a positivity about stuff this year.  Maybe a little flutter on the nose is not out of the question.

Many of us trooped off to the Euroclub for the Russian party, and it was a very crowded affair.  If you managed to survive the scrum to get in there was free vodka, in a can.  Maybe it's the future.  The artist formerly known as Alex Sparrow monopolised the stage for the best part of three hours.  Showing off a wide range of talents including beatboxing, dancing and generally showing off.  he had special guests including Alexander Rybak.  You know the guy - won some pan-European talent competition a couple of years ago, speaks several languages, got refused entry into a party or two in Düsseldorf.  He still looks like he needs a good slap, but there you go.

The resistance won't be covering the rehearsal this afternoon.  It's gearing up for the blood on the carpet later on.  And it might even meet up with Oneurope - in disguise of course.

Love ya always

R x


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