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My 10.
Thunderbird 5
nick_at_esc wrote in oneurope_live
In abbrev. form. Going out then coming in then going out again. No tm to do prply. Thx fans. :-) )-:

B-H. Dno obv pplr.
Aut. vvg sngr, gd enuf sng.
Ukr. Urp lks snd.
Mdv. HATS!
Cpr. I am in ur shus makng u fll ova.
Blg. Scry lady gts kit off. \o/
Svn. Scry lady duzznt get kit off. \o/
Rmn. Bcos ppl laiks chng.
Dmk. Bcos ppl laiks noo 2moro.
Irl. Bcos ppl iz jst hppy that sho is ova. \o/



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