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OnEurope smells a rat!
Thunderbird 5
nick_at_esc wrote in oneurope_live
So there's a huge gamble going on about Ireland and Jedward at the moment, and it would appear to our untrained eye that it's NOT a gamble being led by people who intend to win money.

What what what? But that's just crazy talk! What would possibly make us think that?

Well, you see, as I write (22:50 CET) William Hill (not our bookmaker of first resort, but a fine and upstanding one nevertheless) appears to be offering odds of 5.0 (4/1 if you're British) to win the semi-final, and 4.5 (7/2 if you're British) to win the final.

No, hang on, let me read that again. That can't be right.

*reads that again*

OK, that does seem to be the case - the betting public of the world has convinced Mr W. Hill Esq. that Ireland are MORE LIKELY to win the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night - the one which they haven't qualified for yet, with draw slots 2 and 3 still available and a Blue and an Amaury Vassilli in it - than they are to win the Eurovision Song Contest Second Semi-Final on Thursday night - that's the one where they're performing last and their competition includes frankly nothing very exciting.

The people of OnEurope say NON!!!!

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I think its the difference between people taking an interest in the final and in the semi-final, which a lot of people, especially in the UK where its less watched, don't even know is on.

People care, and bet on who will WIN, that's the big one, less so maybe on the semi-final bets.

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