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So, Tell me Europe
oneurope wrote in oneurope_live
After reading all that shite, what do YOU think is going to qualify? - I'll form a definitive list overnight for tomorrows musings but, prey, tell me what you think!

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Bosnia- for sure
Austria- highly possible
The Netherlands- for Gods sake no!
Belgium- i like it! so yes!
Slovakia- time to go to the toilet
Ukraine- those were only 3 minutes? no no no
Moldova- i have NO IDEA. possible it will pass from televote
Sweeden- yes he will
Cyprus- good performance. the ball girl is crazy! let her pass!
Bulgaria- yes
FYROM- No way
Israel- no no no no no no no
Slovenia- could work
Romania- its possible but no...
Estonia- well i want her to win so YES
Belarus- i dont even LIKE this
Latvia-which one is this? no!
Denmark- none for me thanks
Ireland- YES

so the 10 are Bosnia, Austria, Belgium, Moldova,Sweden, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia,Estonia, Ireland

ofcourse im wrong..
i usually get 8 but yesterday i only got 6! so who knows!

I think

Bosnia - yes
Austria - yes
Netherlands - no
Belgium - no
Slovakia - no
Ukraine - no
Moldova - yes
Sweden - yes (it has it's constituency)
Cyprus - yes
Bulgaria - yes
FYR of M - no
Israel - no
Slovenia - easy yes
Romania - yes
Estonia - no
Belarus - no
Latvia - no
Denmark - yes
Ireland - yes

So... Bosnia, Austria, Moldova, Sweden, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Denmark & Ireland

I got 8 out of 10 on TUES, calling Turkey and Armenia over Lithuania and Hungary.

Grr does cover this?

My prediction

Austria-absolutely Yes
The Netherlands-wishful thinking Yes, but unfortunately no
Slovakia-on the border, but No
Ukraine-may sneak in,like last year, but still No
Moldova-yes, though it's not my kind of song.
Sweden-need to be severely punished, so No
Cyprus-Yes,and not only just because he proven me wrong and can sing this.
Israel-same as Sweden, so No
Slovenia-same as Austria.Absolutely Yes
Romania - a modest yes
Estonia-Yes, if the vocals and presentation are right
Ireland-Yes, less because of the song and more because the energy they bring.

So my 10 qualifiers:
Bosnia,Austria,Moldova,Cyprus,Bulgaria,Slovenia,Romania,Estonia Denmark & Ireland.

On Tuesday I got 7/10. Probably we'll get something like this here.

Have fun

1. Bosn&Herz
2. Denmark
3. Slovenia
4. Moldova
5. Romania
6. Sweden :(
7. Ireland
8. Austria
9. Estonia
10. Ukraine

Well, I guess I did ok....?!

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