eeerm - dunno what to say really

Preliminary reader figures are in. First week of Eurovision rehearsals - 68.9% of last years readers. Middle Week -73.5%, ESC Week - 91.3%. Stunned!!

I really dunno how to thank you all for keeping the faith in this one man band, supplimented by a team of others for 2 weeks a year, apart from not giving the site up ( which had crossed my mind) - Your support, both in coming back, and commenting (when it lets you) has been legendary and I feel really proud to serve a niche market such as you lot.

The blog will probably be migrating to Blogger or another stable platform in the next few weeks, but I will make sure that you all know about it in advance, and I will promise to TRY and keep it updated ( along with the site) now that my head and heart are back into it. I shall also try and tweet more ( oneurope_esc on Twitter).

Thank you thank you thank you!

So what did we learn then....


Well... almost nothing....

We learnt that the diaspora effect is getting less and less, though more prevalent this year because Europe didn't have a fecking clue where to put the votes anyway!

We learnt that if you are to be classically trained and enter Eurovision, a Classically trained POSTMAN is not what is required. ( France)

We learnt that energy and bounce still has a place

We learnt that the UK CAN do reasonably well at this thing with the right song and performance - 50% aint bad, but not good enough

We learnt that 20/25 countries can get a top mark, thereby the old days seem to be back with the scattergun.

We learnt that the voting algorithm is very fucking brilliant. mmmm More Please!!

We learnt that Baku is a 6 hr flight away from London and about 8 days from Keflavik!

We learnt that the UK remembered that they loved watching the Eurovision ( 9,5 MILLION viewers!), as do Austrians ( 65% share)

We learnt that we know fuck all about this contest - and thats why we love it!!

More please when I get home in about 7 hours time , from a hotel room in Cologne -Tara ;)
Thunderbird 5

Hell no! with a side order of HELL NO.

Bloody McHell. I've just been browsing expedia and opodo for purely hypothetical purposes, and just GETTING to and from Baku from the UK of Stuff is hell on a plate. We're talking £500 return cheapest flight, with the most efficient way of doing it appearing to be a two leg flight for a combined 6-and-a-half hours with either a mad dash around Istanbul Airport or an overnight stay in Istanbul. It'd mean leaving the contest in late May and finally getting home in time for the Olympics.

Specifically, the Rio Olympics.

Ouch! Ow ow ow. Someone go tell RAI that they've got to take on hosting duties before their Head of Delegation stops hyperventilating from last night's narrow escape! :-)
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I *knew* that would happen.

I've been saying for a while now that something would come out of the pack, and we'd all look back at it with 20/20 hindsight and say "Well, that was bloody obvious, wasn't it?" and wonder why the heck we didn't see it coming. And, sure enough... Azerbaijan comes out of the pack and wins it as the only one of the well-regarded entries with a decent slot in the draw.

Well, that was bloody obvious, wasn't it! So why the heck didn't I see it coming? :-)

Lots and lots of thinking to be done before 2012 comes around by lots and lots of people about lots and lots of things - not least us at OnEurope, as the gut reaction is that a fortnight in Baku might well be beyond our respective budgets. We shall see, there is much water to be passed before we need to make any firm decisions!

We leave Eurovisionia 2011 on a specially chartered fleet of Germanwings aeroplanes tomorrow evening, so we may actually have a bit of time to do some gossiping tomorrow morning before we head off. Or not, as the case may be...

It appears

As my collegue has said, we are off out for the evening - We'll be back in the Hovel at about 3am so don't wait up for us will you Europe............ No, I didnt think you would ;)

May the best song win, or failing that, get the result it deserves!

Toodles ;)
Thunderbird 5

OnEurope is off out.

We've managed to score tix to some scabby little gig on the outskirts of Dusseldorf tonight, so we'll not be here blogging for your delight and entertainment. You'll just have to delight and entertain yourselves instead, or there's bound to be something on the telly.

Best of luck to all, and don't forget comments don't show up here immediately because them interwebz just ain't doing it for us this year. And as the slogan for the year so adequately puts it, Check You've Still Got A Pulse Feel Your Heart Beat!

So, what have I learnt today

Well I have learnt that living in Cologne on the final day of a football season is a NIGHTMARE!!!

I have learnt tht the jury performance of Blue's song was bloody brilliant and that I couldnt spot any of the disasters that other people did, and I looked at it with fresh eyes. Haterz of the world unite, I say. It's amazing that the standard people expect of a live performance is the same as a recorded one. Here's a clue, it wont be. The Juries were directed to vote for a Professional, Original and good looking performance with a well written song. Now unless other bloggers have been looking at a totally different feed to the one leaked all over youtube in the last 9 hours, I couldnt see any of the supposed issues. Tuning sounded OK for a live performance ( bearing in mind that there is no vodec voice coder or Autotune to help them) Blue looked OK in the suits and the whole stage performance and camera shots worked wonders. I did an " is it better than......" list before writing this, and I got the song in 4th place....... Certainly not, as some people are quoting, 16th-20th and it certainly isnt a total car crash.

I have learnt that people stick with OnEurope because we're great, and so are you ( Thank you all) - and that my 23 minutes of radio on Phoenix FM Last evening should only have been 5-10 but becase *I* was great, it ended up being 23!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for cheering me up and making OnEurope continue into 2012. I can't believe the amount of goodwill that is out there from people who I thought hated us, and those that didnt. Your support has been AMAZING!!

Thanks ;)