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Final dress rehearsal
riigimetnik wrote in oneurope_live
True to form, it's all started late again.  Anke is in red, and Judith is in a dress made from silver Post-it notes.  Stefan is in a dark men-in-black style suit.  You can tell that they're reading from a tele-prompter.  Raab then gives us a rocky version of Lena's Satellite, complete with a big band of saxophones.  Even Lena makes a little appearance.  All good stuff.

Before the songs start, we get views of the stadium being transformed, through time-lapse photograpy, from a home of Fortuna Düsseldorf to a Eurovision arena.

After a fashion, we FINALLY get underway.  Song one is...

Finland - A really plesant way to open the contest.  He's going to get the fortysomething mum-of-two wote.  The globe behind him is still very effective, and it's got one of those hooks that gets you tapping along.

Bosnia AND Herzegovina - The tapping along theme continues with Dino Merlin.  If only I could play the piano like his 'pianist' and still get the right sound out of it.  It gets a ripple of applause in the press centre.

Denmark - Still singing about Crécy World are our early favourites.  It's a very competent performance, but maybe just a little too early in the draw to make a lasting impression.

Lithuania - Surprise (to the resistance at least) qualifiers are back and it contrasts well with the Danes.  I may have said this last time, but she's one of the best singers in this final, and she sells it very well.  but I think a low placing will happen.

Hungary - After all I've said about Kati Wolf not coming up with the goods, this is a suitably impressive performance.  A few of her backing singers were a tad off key, but that doesn't really matter in this rehearsal.

Ireland - Hmmm, Jedward.  They're being carried by their backing singers, as I suspect they may have been last night.  It's still entertaining, but it's not exactly a classic either.

Sweden - Another country back on stage less than 24 hours after singing their way to the final.  It's dramatic and very active, but will probably cancel out/be cancelled out by Jedward.

More to come...


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